Nurgle Sorcerer and Chaos Warhounds – WIP

I found a Forgeworld Nurgle Sorcerer in my bits box, again I have no idea where it comes from and the staff, sword, thingy was broken. I replaced it with a plague sword which worked out pretty good.

I also painted up four Warhounds of Chaos, my plan was to do these 90% done with the airbrush and then just do highlights and details with a brush. I didn’t highlight enough with the airbrush. When I washed the models everything got muted, so I had to redo the highlights by hand. I don’t know if I am all that pleased with the models but they are what they are.

Next time I will bring the highlights to 11 ;).

Some minor stuff left to do, paint the rims of the bases black, do eyes and a bit more work on the teeth on the hounds, probably some more stuff as well.

I also finished a squad of 10 Chaos Space Marines, but my phone cant seem to take a picture of them, so I need to get my camera and set up a lightbox. I will redo all the pictures of the finished models, all the current pictures are taken with a phone camera.

A new airbrush, a Iawata Eclipse

I have some issues with my old airbrush, an Iawata Custom Micron, that I have had for almost 9 years. Its spitting and I am having a lot of try tip issues which means that the nozzle is probably shot. I have tried cleaning it in isopropanol, in an ultrasonic cleaner, but no luck. Ordering a replacement kit from the only Iawata supplier in Norway takes a month, or more…, and since its Christmas and all, it will take longer.

So I bought a new airbrush while waiting for the replacement parts, yeah I know… I went for a considerabely cheaper model this time, an Iawata Eclipse, its probably better than the Custom Micron for what I am currently working on for, painting models with acrylics.

I have used it for a couple of hours and I am happy with it, its not as precise as the Custom Micron, and mechanically its less “smooth”, its kind of hard to describe, but it definitely gets the job done. I will probably use the Eclipse more than the Custom Micron and save the Custom Micron for detail work such as camouflage on 15mm WW2 tanks.

Chaos Cultists

After I finished the Hellbrute I have been working on 10 chaos cultists, they are a bit glossy at the moment, will be toned down once everything has dried for a couple of days. Other than that they are finished.

On the side I am slowly detailing some old Chaos Space Marines I started to paint a couple of years ago. The CSM on the left is “original” while the CSM on the right is in the process of being detailed, not a big difference but the the armor is a bit smoother, and the red is a bit more vibrant. The snow on the bases is my old snow while the cultists have the new snow. Once these are finished I will fix the snow on the bases to match the cultists and hellbrute.

Since I have around 40 of these already painted, including 8 bikes, I decided to stick to the color scheme for all my chaos space marines. Cult troops will be painted in their “legion colors”, i.e. red Khorne Berzerkers, blue Rubric marines etc.

Don’t know what I will paint next, probably some more chaos :).


I just finished a Chaos Space Marine Hellbrute, I dont know where I got the Hellbrute from, its glued together all wrong, and mine is still on the sprue in the DV box.

Also lots of room for improvement, especially on the skin and horns,  but for now I am happy with the result, and I got to test out some new stuff, which is always good.


Daemon Prince of Nurgle WIP

With the Screamers of Tzeentch completed I grabbed Daemon Prince of Nurgle, this is how it looked before I started painting. Its the old metal daemon prince with wings and a bit of greenstuff added. I think I will keep the general idea of the paint scheme, the wings will probably be an issue since the paint keeps rubbing off, but lets see what a couple of coats of gloss varnish will do.

Screamers of Tzeentch WIP

Just because I could, I started with some Screamers of Tzeentch, I have no idea if they are any good or not, I guess I will find out.

I dont have any before pictures of these but after some TLC from my airbrush and a bit of brushwork I have a WIP picture.

I am basically aiming for a decent table top at this point, I have a lot of models to paint so anything else would take forever.

Refurbishing an old Warhammer 40K army

With the advent of 8th edition of Warhammer 40K I have been thinking about starting to play 40K again and while the blog has been pretty much dead for over 2 years I have painted a lot of 1:72 scale models, 28mm World War 2 and Napoleonics. I will post some pictures of these models at some point :).

I went through some of my old 40K models and I have a lot of stuff, the only army that’s any where near complete is my Space Marine army, but how boring is that?

However I have a  lot of older chaos models, so I will roll with those for now.


This is just a small selection of what I have, I have a lot of additional models, probably close to a hundred, if not more. Some of this I bought new 20 odd years ago, while most of it I bought used from various people over the years. The paint jobs leaves a lot to be desired, so if I end up playing 40K again need to repaint what I am going to use. For now I am just going to enjoy the journey, if I don’t play again I can still paint some nice models.