28mm Napoleonics

Calpe Miniatures Prussian Uhlans

I have decided to start a personal project, 1:20 ratio 28mm Napoleonics in the Befreiungskriege period (1813- 1815).  The rule set will either be General de Brigade or Shako II.

Initially I will start painting the forces present at Gross Gorschen, a part of the battlefield of Lutzen on the 2nd of May 1813.

So far I have ordered a brigade of Prussians, 2x 40 figure Musketeer Battalions, 1 x 32 figure Fusilier Battalion with 8 extra Fusiliers that will be mounted on skirmish bases. A 24 figure Hussar Regiment, one 6 pounder with 4 crew and one 12 pounder with 4 crew as well as a mounted Colonel. All of these miniatures have been ordered from Calpe Miniatures.

I have also ordered a plastic set from the Perry brothers with 46 French Infantry. I am still undecided whether I want to use the Perry plastics or go for metal miniatures. Either way I will supplement with metal from Victrix, Perry and Front Rank as needed. The Prussians will probably consist solely of Calpe Miniatures, Calpe is expanding into the French so I will probably get a couple of Battalions worth of Calpe French once they are available.

The picture is nicked from Calpe Miniatures until I can paint up something myself.


Oslo, Norway

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