It’s metal for the Frenchies

After much deliberation, soul searching and googling on the web I have decided to go for the Perry Miniatures in metal for the French.  Since the owner of Calpe Miniatures is on a one month vacation, and I am guessing I wont get any miniatures until after he is back I ordered a Regiment of Line Infantry from Perry.

The Regiment will be at full strength 3 x 36 figure Infantry Battalions of 1 Grenadier Company, 4 Fusilier Companies and a Voltigeur Company each on their own base of 6 miniatures. I also got enough skirmishers to detach the Voltigeur Company as a skirmish screen. In addition I got 4 6 pounder Foot Artillery and some mounted officers and staff so I can make 3 Brigade HQ’s. I only need one but there are 3 miniatures in each pack; Divisional commanders, Staff Officers and Imperial Orderlies. They are all different so it will be 3 different stands, which is good.

I also have a pack of plastic French Infantry and a pack of plastic French Heavy Cavalry on the way as well as some samples from Front Rank just to see what they look like.


Oslo, Norway

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