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1er Bataillon / 21e Ligne

The 1st Battalion of the 21st Line Regiment,

In the Gross Gorschen scenario these are rated as “Line” even though they are “provisional” whatever that is. I have tried to find out but so far no luck. I presume it’s an reserve or amalgamated battalion since the Marie-Louise’s wouldn’t be of Line quality in May 1813.

The miniatures are Perry Miniatures with the exception of the mounted officer who is from Front Rank.

I have some mixed feelings about Perry Miniatures. The miniatures themselves are very good but the casting process leaves a lot to be desired. Mold lines, warping and loss of details, especially on the muskets are big issues. With that said I am still quite pleased with how these came out.

Ostpreussisches Feld-Jaeger-Bn

The East Prussian Jaeger Battalion is finally completed. It is a full 24 figure battalion even though they were usually split between several corps providing vital skirmishing capabilities.

They are based for skirmishing since they will be deployed into the brigade skirmish screen as were their historical use.

I should probably go over them and highlight a bit more but considering the mountain of lead I have to paint they are finished for now.