1er Bataillon / 21e Ligne

The 1st Battalion of the 21st Line Regiment,

In the Gross Gorschen scenario these are rated as “Line” even though they are “provisional” whatever that is. I have tried to find out but so far no luck. I presume it’s an reserve or amalgamated battalion since the Marie-Louise’s wouldn’t be of Line quality in May 1813.

The miniatures are Perry Miniatures with the exception of the mounted officer who is from Front Rank.

I have some mixed feelings about Perry Miniatures. The miniatures themselves are very good but the casting process leaves a lot to be desired. Mold lines, warping and loss of details, especially on the muskets are big issues. With that said I am still quite pleased with how these came out.


Oslo, Norway


  1. That banner must have taken some time o.O

  2. It’s a paper flag bought from GMB Designs, http://www.salespartners.co.uk/.

  3. Very nice blog and great looking units, I have added it to my blog role,


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