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2. Musketier Bn. 1. Westpreussisches IR.

The 2nd Battalion of the 1st West Prussian infantry regiment.



This unit was completed over a week ago and I planned to take pictures of it last weekend, but that didn’t happen. The battalion is 32 figures strong and this is a lot closer to field strength than the 40 figure 1st Battalion.  These were undercoated grey instead of white and it helped a lot with the painting. I also noticed just now that I need to touch-up the drummer and some of the front rankers, especially the drum needs a highlight.

Next on the painting table is a 24 figure strong Prussian cavalry regiment, the 1. Schleisisches Hussar Regiment. In truth its almost completed with only minor touch-ups required and despite a lot of other activities I hope to have it completed by the 30th so it can participate in the next GdB game.


GdB – First test run

We did a test run of the GDB rules at Outland, the local game store, me and Gunfreak over at Apartment of War pooled our collections and arranged a small battle for five players.

It was 11 French battalions with three cavalry regiments and artillery support against a joint Prussian, British and Portuguese force supported by four cavalry regiments and artillery. Completely unhistorical of course, but loads of fun was had by all of us.

The battle was decided by the collapse of the Prussian brigade on one of the flanks, and by the fortunate (?) fact that the British cavalry never received orders to charge the exposed French flank on the other side of the table before the Prussians collapsed.

The first couple of turns went slow but at the end we were going at a reasonable pace. I am sure we did some things wrong with regards to the rules but that will sort itself out once we play more.