2. Musketier Bn. 1. Westpreussisches IR.

The 2nd Battalion of the 1st West Prussian infantry regiment.



This unit was completed over a week ago and I planned to take pictures of it last weekend, but that didn’t happen. The battalion is 32 figures strong and this is a lot closer to field strength than the 40 figure 1st Battalion.  These were undercoated grey instead of white and it helped a lot with the painting. I also noticed just now that I need to touch-up the drummer and some of the front rankers, especially the drum needs a highlight.

Next on the painting table is a 24 figure strong Prussian cavalry regiment, the 1. Schleisisches Hussar Regiment. In truth its almost completed with only minor touch-ups required and despite a lot of other activities I hope to have it completed by the 30th so it can participate in the next GdB game.



Oslo, Norway