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Finished Principes

I just finished the first bases of Principes, with a base of Triarii lurking in the background.

I am very pleased with the decision to go for 3 ranks on a 60x30mm base even if it means painting 1/3 more than I originally planned for.

Each legion will consist of two units of Principes, two of Hastati and one of Triarii, each unit will consist of two bases. Making each “Legion” 10 bases strong. In addition each legion will have two units of Velites based on 4 30x30mm bases so they can be in both open and closed order as needed.

New Baccus, Timecast and Total Battle Miniatures

The postman came bringing gifts today.

The “missing” Baccus shipment showed up as well as buildings from Timecast and Total Battle. I have started prepping the miniatures and I will paint the buildings to get some breaks in between the Romans.

The Timecast buildings are also very nice offerings. They are in some sort of plaster, which were surprising, but I guess it’s just a case of not reading whats spelled out on their webpage :). No matter, if what I read on the internet is anything to go by they will look the part once painted up.

All your base are belong to us

I got my metal bases today, and as you can see its “a few”, and should last me a while ;).

The exact numbers are 1500 * 60mm x 30mm, 500 * 30mm x 30mm and 1000 * 20mm x 25mm. The price is around 20 cents or 15p per base and one poor bloke at the metal workshop used a couple of hours making them.

I will use the 60×30 and 30×30 for my ancient and medieval projects while the 20×25  are for my 15mm Napoleonics that’s already based on 20×25.

Leven Miniatures buildings complete

I finished painting the Leven Miniatures buildings yesterday. They are unbased, once I have started on my modular terrain I will base the buildings as a small village in a way that fits the terrain boards.


The buildings themselves painted up fairly quickly from a black base coat with a brown over spray with an airbrush, the rest is basically a wet dry brush.

The colors used in order are (all Vallejo),

  • Black Polyurethane Surface Primer – 73.602
  • Sandy Brown – 71034 (Model Air)
  • Green Brown – 879 (Model Color)
  • Desert Yellow – 70977 (Model Color)
  • Dark Sand – 70847 (Model Color)
  • White – 70951 (Model Color)

I washed the doors with a thin grey wash mixed from white and black and then washed with a very thin dark brown.

The bridges were base coated and over sprayed and then with a wet dry brush I applied various shades of grey and a couple of thinned washes of Badab Black (Games Workshop). The roadway is half-finished, I will tie the bridges into the terrain boards and the bridges will be fixed permanently in place.


I won’t win any painting competitions but once based it will look the part 🙂

More pictures after the link

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Total Battle and Leven Buildings

While waiting for the next shipment of Baccus miniatures I have started prepping some 6mm buildings.

The buildings are from Total Battle miniatures and Leven Miniatures, the offerings from both companies are very nice and I will get more from both.

The grey buildings are from Total Battle miniatures and are their Farm 1 and Farm 2 from the 6mm Spanish/Italian range. I will use them as “Roman” buildings, not entirely correct but close enough :), I will also use them for other periods.

The tan buildings are from Leven Miniatures and will be used for African battlefields, the bridges will be used where appropriate.