6mm Early Imperial Romans

Rummaging through the attic I found a couple of unopened packs of 6mm Heroics and Ros Early Imperial Romans. I havent painted 6mm in almost 15 years but after a weekend of painting a couple of hours each night I finished painting 290 miniatures. The miniatures are based for DBx, mainly since I have loads of pre cut metal bases.

The army contains more bases than what you need in order to field an Early Imperial Roman DBA army (25 BC -197 AD) (DBA II/56) and allows the use of all options except one 3Cav unless you go with a 4Bd general.

It consists of 2 x 3Cav, 4 x 4Ax, 6 x 4Bd, 4 x 2Lh, 2 x 4Bw, 2 x 2Ps, 1 x 1Art.



Oslo, Norway

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