6mm Rapier Carthaginians

I just got a Carthaginian army pack from Rapier in the mail and I am in the process of cleaning and mounting the miniatures on popsicle sticks before under coating. When compared to Heroics and Ros they are works of art, and I have high hopes on how they will look when finished.

The pack consists of,

  • Mounted General and Standard Bearer
  • 54 African Infantry
  • 54 Spanish Infantry (Caetrati with swords)
  • 36 Gauls
  • 48 Numidian Skirmishers
  • 18 Punic Heavy Cav (with front barding?!?)
  • 15 Spanish Light Cavalry
  • 12 Numidian Cavalry

From what I have read I would consider the Caetrati skirmishers, Scutari with Celtic shields and spears would probably be more appropriate as medium infantry. As such I am not to happy with the ratio of the various miniatures in the pack, I would have prefered a different mix, a more varied mix of skirmishers (slingers?) and more heavy/medium infantry. Not that it matters much since I will have to get 10 times as many miniatures in the end but as an “army pack” its a bit weird :).


Oslo, Norway

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