Rapier Carthaginians

Almost done with the Rapier Miniatures Army pack, the African infantry needs a dry brush on the base and I need to decide on flock/static grass. The Spanish Caetrati infantry remain, we will see if they get painted or not.

So what do I feel about Rapier Miniatures? I must say that I have mixed feelings, the cavalry are superb only “drawback” is that they are single pose.

The infantry I am more unsure about, the Numidian Javelinmen are the best of the bunch and I would rate as good. The celts are ok but they all seem to have forgotten their shirts at home :). The African spearmen are poor, lots of miscast’s and the shields are really bad, even when not miscast. The poses leaves a lot to be desired when ranking them up as well.

A weird fact, the infantry are almost as tall as the cavalry and will not work well with the other manufacturers, I wish they had kept the scale and “heft” of the cavalry in their infantry. I don’t know who the sculptor is but it might be that Rapier uses different sculptors?

My verdict would probably be that I would buy the cavalry again, they are as I said superb, and if I need to fill a gap I would consider the infantry.


Oslo, Norway

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