Republican Romans update

Just a quick update photo on the progress of the Baccus Hastati and Principes.

They paint up surprisingly quickly and the quality is very good.

Now I just need to decide on the basing, 40mm x 15mm leaves absolutely no room and looks too cramped with 16 miniatures in two rows of 8. I am leaning towards 40×20 or 40×30 since I already have the pre-cut bases, but I have seen nice things on the web with larger bases.


Oslo, Norway


  1. Hi, I am a french wargamer, trying to adapt commands and colors ancients with miniatures 6mm.

    First of all congrats for your nice armies and painting. I do like a lot your very inspiring work and i want something just like that. I want to mount a carthaginian, roman republican and gauls army. I will put 4 minis on 20*10mm bases. A unit will be 4 bases : then 40*20mm.

    I have several question :

    – is the rapier and baccus infantry compatible size wise ? (even to mix in the same units?)
    – is the rapier and baccus cavalry compatible size wise ? (even to mix in the same units?)

    I do understand rapier cavalry is not really compatible with rapier cavalry due to the small size of the cavalry ? I then decided to buy rapier infantry and elefants and baccus cavalry, do you think it is a good idea ?

    How is the quality of baccus infantry compared to rapier ?

    How long was the delivery of rapier order ? i heard about 3 months wait ?

    Sorry for my not so good english and once again congrats !

    • Hi,

      Why not just base on 40*20mm? 20*10mm sounds very fiddly ­čÖé

      In my opinion Rapier and Baccus infantry are not compatible, at least not on the same base. Rapier is much larger and some of the infantry are pretty bad compared to Baccus. Carthaginian Spearmen being an example. I will see if I can get a decent closeup shot and you will see what I mean.

      I will not be buying any more Rapier Miniatures infantry if there I can buy the same miniature from Baccus.

      I dont have any Baccus Cavalry yet, the pack is still in the mail… once I have the Baccus Cavalry I can post comparison shots.

      I got my Rapier Miniatures in about one week, I have only ordered one time so I dont know if this is normal or not.

  2. Ok great thanks a lot

    I will be really interested by size comparison between baccus and rapier infantry/cavalry.

    My choice was to take at least the roman infantry from rapier and the cavalry from baccus because of the undersize rapier cavalry. I really like rapier Triarii, but yours are great also…

    When i read you now i am intersted to get my infantry from baccus and maybe my cavalry from rapier. AAhhhhhhhh i am getting mad !!!

    I do need to have 4 small bases per unit in commands and colors, 20*10 is petty but i have to, it’s the only way except playing with casualty markers (baccus have some…. ahhhhhhh again a cornelian choice !!!oO).

    Keep on this great work and vae victis !!

    • I will use Baccus infantry and cavalry, with some Rapier cavalry, except for it being single pose its really nice.

      Once I have the Baccus cavalry I will take some comparison shots and post it to the blog.

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