Principes Finished

I finished the Republican Roman Principes yesterday, it’s a total of 284 miniatures, 4 are missing since one command strip was miscast. Its raining outside so the pictures have come out a bit dark in parts.

After much deliberation and surfing the intharwebs “The Plan” is to base them on 60*30mm bases in two or three rows, with either 24 or 36 miniatures per base. I have the bases custom-made in a metal workshop in 0.7mm sheet metal near where I live and it works out cheaper than ordering them online.  Hopefully the workshop will finish the bases early next week so I can use the next weekend to base them.

Once based they will become the Principes of three different legions hence the different colors on the shields. The Triarii and Hastati will have same coloured shields. I will get additional miniatures for a fourth legion and reinforcements for the three others once I have painted up the next Baccus order.


Oslo, Norway

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