Leven Miniatures buildings complete

I finished painting the Leven Miniatures buildings yesterday. They are unbased, once I have started on my modular terrain I will base the buildings as a small village in a way that fits the terrain boards.


The buildings themselves painted up fairly quickly from a black base coat with a brown over spray with an airbrush, the rest is basically a wet dry brush.

The colors used in order are (all Vallejo),

  • Black Polyurethane Surface Primer – 73.602
  • Sandy Brown – 71034 (Model Air)
  • Green Brown – 879 (Model Color)
  • Desert Yellow – 70977 (Model Color)
  • Dark Sand – 70847 (Model Color)
  • White – 70951 (Model Color)

I washed the doors with a thin grey wash mixed from white and black and then washed with a very thin dark brown.

The bridges were base coated and over sprayed and then with a wet dry brush I applied various shades of grey and a couple of thinned washes of Badab Black (Games Workshop). The roadway is half-finished, I will tie the bridges into the terrain boards and the bridges will be fixed permanently in place.


I won’t win any painting competitions but once based it will look the part 🙂

More pictures after the link


Oslo, Norway

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