Blue Legion Hastati

I just finished the Hastati for the “Blue” Legion. I will probably do something to the shields once the entire legion is complete,  they are a bit garish at the moment 🙂


Oslo, Norway


  1. Those legions looks really awesome, baccus minis seems really nice and the paintjob is really super efficient ! The bases are perfectly managed.
    Did you received the baccus cavalry ? How does it match the rapier cavalry sizewise ? Yes I am still hesitating between rapier and baccus cavalry for my armies 😉
    Is the scale between your baccus romans and rapier carthaginians the same ? In your opinion after all those works, the 2 brands are still not mixable in the same unit ? (it’s for gallic warband and skirmisher)
    Congratulation for this amazing work and the advance of your project really inspiring for me

    • I really like the Baccus infantry, much better, in my opinion of course, than Rapier.

      The Cavalry are very similar in size and quality, I wouldn’t mix them on the same bases but I will mix them in the same army.

      The Gallic warband from Rapier is kinda crap unfortunately, the Baccus Gauls are much better and since the Rapier Gauls are bigger and cruder they wont mix well with Baccus.

      I would recommend going Baccus Infantry and perhaps a mix of cavalry.

      I forgot to take pictures, sorry, I will do on Monday, going abroad this weekend :).

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