A Peninsular Black Powder Game

Yesterday I managed to get a small Peninsular Black Powder game in with two friends. We didn’t finish the game but we had a lot of fun :). The opposing forces were taken from Albion Triumphant book 1 and the table was set up somewhat similar to the map in the book.

We have played Black Powder a couple of times before and in the beginning we implemented a rather loose interpretation of the order mechanics. In this game we tried to be a lot more strict and avoided conditional orders, we also tried to split the conditional orders into multiple order rolls.

I felt that this worked a lot better than in our previous games and the Black Powder rules are growing on me. They might not be as detailed as Napoleons Battles, General de Brigade or Age of Eagles, but as a game where the goal is to push lead, roll dice and have fun they work very well.


Oslo, Norway

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