Samnite Infantry

I am finally finished with 190 Samnite infantry to accompany my Italian Cavalry.

The infantry are organized into two units of three bases for the medium infantry and two units of two bases for the light infantry. I will expand the light infantry to three bases sometime in the future.

I made the “smart” decision to paint all of them at once to get maximum variation in my units. The miniatures might be small but when you are painting 190 at once, progress becomes painfully slow. From now on I will try to limit myself to 100 miniatures in a batch in order to keep my sanity.

To paint the shields I switched to a Windsor and Newton Series 7 00 brush, down from my normal Windsor and Newton Series 7 size 1 or 2 brush. While I still have quite a way to go I felt that my control improved immensely.

Next up are 96 Italian spearmen, the posing on these are much better than the Samnites when it comes to speed painting. All are facing the same way in more or less the same pose.


Oslo, Norway

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  1. I like the colorfulness of your Samnites. They stand out nicely. Nice little bit disorganized warbandish look. Just about to start few myself and looking for inspiration.

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