Refurbishing an old Warhammer 40K army

With the advent of 8th edition of Warhammer 40K I have been thinking about starting to play 40K again and while the blog has been pretty much dead for over 2 years I have painted a lot of 1:72 scale models, 28mm World War 2 and Napoleonics. I will post some pictures of these models at some point :).

I went through some of my old 40K models and I have a lot of stuff, the only army that’s any where near complete is my Space Marine army, but how boring is that?

However I have a  lot of older chaos models, so I will roll with those for now.


This is just a small selection of what I have, I have a lot of additional models, probably close to a hundred, if not more. Some of this I bought new 20 odd years ago, while most of it I bought used from various people over the years. The paint jobs leaves a lot to be desired, so if I end up playing 40K again need to repaint what I am going to use. For now I am just going to enjoy the journey, if I don’t play again I can still paint some nice models.


Oslo, Norway

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