Chaos Cultists

After I finished the Hellbrute I have been working on 10 chaos cultists, they are a bit glossy at the moment, will be toned down once everything has dried for a couple of days. Other than that they are finished.

On the side I am slowly detailing some old Chaos Space Marines I started to paint a couple of years ago. The CSM on the left is “original” while the CSM on the right is in the process of being detailed, not a big difference but the the armor is a bit smoother, and the red is a bit more vibrant. The snow on the bases is my old snow while the cultists have the new snow. Once these are finished I will fix the snow on the bases to match the cultists and hellbrute.

Since I have around 40 of these already painted, including 8 bikes, I decided to stick to the color scheme for all my chaos space marines. Cult troops will be painted in their “legion colors”, i.e. red Khorne Berzerkers, blue Rubric marines etc.

Don’t know what I will paint next, probably some more chaos :).


Oslo, Norway

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