A new airbrush, a Iawata Eclipse

I have some issues with my old airbrush, an Iawata Custom Micron, that I have had for almost 9 years. Its spitting and I am having a lot of try tip issues which means that the nozzle is probably shot. I have tried cleaning it in isopropanol, in an ultrasonic cleaner, but no luck. Ordering a replacement kit from the only Iawata supplier in Norway takes a month, or more…, and since its Christmas and all, it will take longer.

So I bought a new airbrush while waiting for the replacement parts, yeah I know… I went for a considerabely cheaper model this time, an Iawata Eclipse, its probably better than the Custom Micron for what I am currently working on for, painting models with acrylics.

I have used it for a couple of hours and I am happy with it, its not as precise as the Custom Micron, and mechanically its less “smooth”, its kind of hard to describe, but it definitely gets the job done. I will probably use the Eclipse more than the Custom Micron and save the Custom Micron for detail work such as camouflage on 15mm WW2 tanks.


Oslo, Norway

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