Nurgle Sorcerer and Chaos Warhounds – WIP

I found a Forgeworld Nurgle Sorcerer in my bits box, again I have no idea where it comes from and the staff, sword, thingy was broken. I replaced it with a plague sword which worked out pretty good.

I also painted up four Warhounds of Chaos, my plan was to do these 90% done with the airbrush and then just do highlights and details with a brush. I didn’t highlight enough with the airbrush. When I washed the models everything got muted, so I had to redo the highlights by hand. I don’t know if I am all that pleased with the models but they are what they are.

Next time I will bring the highlights to 11 ;).

Some minor stuff left to do, paint the rims of the bases black, do eyes and a bit more work on the teeth on the hounds, probably some more stuff as well.

I also finished a squad of 10 Chaos Space Marines, but my phone cant seem to take a picture of them, so I need to get my camera and set up a lightbox. I will redo all the pictures of the finished models, all the current pictures are taken with a phone camera.


Oslo, Norway

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