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Gubbspel Gallore V

This weekend Xadh00m and I went to the Gubbspel Galore V gaming convention in Gothenburg Sweden.

I participated in a huge Pike and Shotte 30 Years War game. I played the Swedish side with two other blokes against an Imperial army. After several nail-biting turns when I thought my centre would be crushed by Polish Winged lancers we managed to break their army 🙂

30 Years War

30 Years War

While my friend Xadhoom participated in the Star Wars tournament, which he won 🙂 .

Star Wars

Star Wars

There must have been 15 different games at display, Pike and Shotte, Star Wars, Bushido, Fallout, Necromunda, Saga, Malifaux and many more. I guess there were around 100 participants, I enjoyed myself immensely and will be back next year.

I took lots of pictures and I have created a gallery here.

Cuirassier Regiment No. 6 and Infantry Regiment No. 27

I just finished two Austrian regiments, the Cuirassier Regiment “Melas” No. 6 and Infantry Regiment “Graf. Strassoldo” No. 27, the Infantry Regiment changed inhaber to Marquis Chasteler in 1809 and became the Infantry Regiment “Chasteler” No. 27.

The first Cuirassiers are a repaint and suffers a bit from “thick paint syndrome”, while the infantry are new.

The infantry have been languishing, unpainted, in a drawer for almost 20 years. For some reason the infantry has Shakos, which is a bit odd since I am collecting a 1798 – 1809 Austrian army. I probably had a good idea 20 years ago that I don’t remember anymore :D.

I am not 100% sold on the technique I have used on these, basically airbrush white primer, airbrush white, thin white wash, block in details, a thinned oil lacquer wash, airbrush matte varnish and then a couple of layers of highlights as needed.

The bases are not finished, I am a bit undecided on what I want to do with them.

Batch painted Zombies

I bought into the Zombicide Season 3 kickstarter after trying Zombicide at a friends place. I found the game enjoyable with all the players cooperating against the game. Its also a race against the clock to accomplish the mission objective since the Zombies spawn endlessly :). While waiting for the kickstarter to arrive, probably in March 2015 (or later…), I bought Season 1, 2 and the Toxic Mall addon.

I speed painted 24 of the zombies yesterday, I tried a “less is more” approach with the blood. I probably spent around 15 minutes per zombie so its nothing fancy.

Infantry Regiment No. 29 and Uhlan Regiment No. 1

I painted the Infantry Regiment “Graf Wallis” No. 29.  almost 20 years ago, in an age where I used a lot more paint then I do now :).

The regiment changed inhaber and became the Infantry Regiment “Freiherr von Lindenau” No. 29 in 1803.

The Uhlans are the Uhlan Regiment “Merveldt” No. 1, they were painted up by a friend of mine around the same time as I painted the Infantry Regiment ‘Graf Wallis’ Nr. 29. I painted up a unit of British Line Infantry for him in return. I remember thinking that the unit I painted for him was rather well done, sadly I don’t have any pictures of it since it would be interesting to see how well I actually painted it.