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Unarmored Hoplites

Four bases of unarmored Hoplites.

The last base is made up of the rear rankers I cut of from the AGR 8a Unarmored Hoplites Attacking strips. I also closed up the ranks quite a bit.

Next up should be more hoplites

Hoplite basing conundrums

I have been struggling with basing the Baccus attacking hoplites.

As you can see on the hoplite base to the bottom right in the picture the hoplites are based on strips with pretty generous spacing while the Roman Hastati in the left upper corner have tighter spacing. Another issue is the lack of space in the front of the hoplites. This would make these very different from all the other bases in the project.

I decided to rebase the hoplites into the formation you see on the other two hoplite bases in the picture. Its somewhat of a hassle doing this since the rear rank is individual miniatures.


Greek Peltasts

Eight bases of Greek Peltasts based as Light Infantry.

I tried Army Painter Quickshade (Strong Tone) on these. Not pleased with the result so I am going back to my own recipe which is more of a wash than a “dip”. I tried thinning the Quickshade with some turpentine but it didn’t really help.

Thessalian Light Cavalry

Its been incredibly hot so my painting slowed to a crawl. I measured 35 celsius (95 f) in my hobby room at one point, so I went outside and did something else for a while :).

That said I have finished 7 bases of Thessalian Light Cavalry that will serve as both Thessalian and generic “Greek” light cavalry.

Next up are several units of Greek Peltasts.

Italian Medium Infantry

I just completed four bases of Italian Medium Infantry. They can be used as allied or mercenary units in most of the armies of the period and can perhaps represent Campanians, Bruttians and Oscans.

I am starting to get the hang of painting shields. Lots of room for improvement of course but it’s slowly getting better. I guess I will get loads of practice when I start on the multiple units of Hoplites :).

Next up are bow, sling and javelin armed Psiloi.