Gubbspel Gallore V

This weekend Xadh00m and I went to the Gubbspel Galore V gaming convention in Gothenburg Sweden.

I participated in a huge Pike and Shotte 30 Years War game. I played the Swedish side with two other blokes against an Imperial army. After several nail-biting turns when I thought my centre would be crushed by Polish Winged lancers we managed to break their army ūüôā

30 Years War

30 Years War

While my friend Xadhoom participated in the Star Wars tournament, which he won ūüôā .

Star Wars

Star Wars

There must have been 15 different games at display, Pike and Shotte, Star Wars, Bushido, Fallout, Necromunda, Saga, Malifaux and many more. I guess there were around 100 participants, I enjoyed myself immensely and will be back next year.

I took lots of pictures and I have created a gallery here.

Cuirassier Regiment No. 6 and Infantry Regiment No. 27

I just finished two Austrian regiments, the Cuirassier Regiment “Melas” No. 6 and Infantry Regiment “Graf. Strassoldo” No. 27, the Infantry Regiment changed inhaber to Marquis Chasteler in 1809 and became the Infantry Regiment “Chasteler” No. 27.

The first Cuirassiers are a repaint and suffers a bit from “thick paint syndrome”, while the infantry are new.

The infantry have been languishing, unpainted, in a drawer for almost 20 years. For some reason the infantry has Shakos, which is a bit odd since I am collecting a 1798 – 1809 Austrian army. I probably had a good idea 20 years ago that I don’t remember anymore :D.

I am not 100% sold on the technique I have used on these, basically airbrush white primer, airbrush white, thin white wash, block in details, a thinned oil lacquer wash, airbrush matte varnish and then a couple of layers of highlights as needed.

The bases are not finished, I am a bit undecided on what I want to do with them.

Batch painted Zombies

I bought into the Zombicide Season 3 kickstarter after trying Zombicide at a friends place. I found the game enjoyable with all the players cooperating against the game. Its also a race against the clock to accomplish the mission objective since the Zombies spawn endlessly :). While waiting for the kickstarter to arrive, probably in March 2015 (or later…), I bought Season 1, 2 and the Toxic Mall addon.

I speed painted 24 of the zombies yesterday, I tried a “less is more” approach with the blood. I probably spent around 15 minutes per zombie so its nothing fancy.

Infantry Regiment No. 29 and Uhlan Regiment No. 1

I painted the¬†Infantry Regiment “Graf Wallis” No. 29. ¬†almost 20 years ago, in an age where I used a lot more paint then I do now :).

The regiment changed inhaber and became the Infantry Regiment “Freiherr von Lindenau” No. 29 in 1803.

The Uhlans are the Uhlan Regiment “Merveldt” No. 1, they were painted up by a friend of mine around the same time as I painted the Infantry Regiment ‚ÄėGraf Wallis‚Äô Nr. 29. I painted up a unit of British Line Infantry for him in return. I remember thinking that the unit I painted for him was rather well done, sadly I don’t have any pictures of it since it would be interesting to see how well I actually painted it.

Hungarian Hussar Regiments

Five Hungarian Hussar regiments, these are painted by Reinforcements by Post. I have two “in progress” that’s being painted by me, it takes a while due to all the details and I feel that I need to match or surpass the Hussars painted by RbP .

Hungarian Line Infantry Regiments

I am hoping for a Black Powder gaming night, so I am in the middle of taking inventory of my 15mm Napoleonics. I am using the opportunity to take pictures of what I have, so expect irregular updates with new pictures as I work through the various units.

First up are the Hungarian component of the Kaiserliche-K√∂nigliche Heer. They are a mix of what I painted just over 20 years ago, and some I bought from Reinforcements by Post. I think that the miniatures painted by Reinforcements by Post are great value for money, sadly he doesn’t do commissions anymore.

I need to touch up the ones I have painted and change their facing colors since I have duplicates, they could also do with two additional bases per unit bringing them up to 8 bases per unit as I have standardized on.

Unarmored Hoplites

Four bases of unarmored Hoplites.

The last base is made up of the rear rankers I cut of from the AGR 8a Unarmored Hoplites Attacking strips. I also closed up the ranks quite a bit.

Next up should be more hoplites