Since I had my camera out I figured I should take some better pictures of my Infinity Nomads.

They are on the back burner at the moment but I am slowly painting up more.

Completing the Legions and moving on

I am almost finished with the initial three legions, each will consist of 4 (8 small) bases of Velites, 4 bases of Hastati, 4 bases of Principe’s, two bases of Triarii and two bases of Equites as well as a commander.

This will represent the 1200 Velites, 1200 Hastati, 1200 Principe’s, 600 Triarii and 300 Equites in a full strength Republican Roman Legion as described by Polybius. Model counts are 40 Velites, 148 Hastati, 148 Principe’s, 72 Triarii, 28 Equites and 3 officers for a total of 419 models per legion and a scale of just under 11:1.

I still have the bulk of one more Legion I need to paint in order to represent a full strength Consular Army with both consuls present, You can see the start of the Green Legion in the background, represented by a unit of Velites and the Legion Command. Of course in order to play some of the larger battles in the 2nd Punic War I would need several more legions, but that will have to wait.

I also need to paint up various Roman allies, Samnites, Campanians, Greeks, Spanish, Celts and so forth. They are used in most other armies in the same period as mercenaries. They are easy to expand into full armies of their own since all of these fought wars against Rome during the period.

Once I have painted up the Roman allies I will move on to Carthaginians. The exact composition of the Carthaginian army is still being decided but I guess I will start with a solid core of African spear men supplemented by the various mercenaries utilized by the Carthaginians. I am not sure if I want to start with the 1st Punic War or the 2nd Punic War. I am leaning towards the 1st Punic War since the battles are more manageable and less one-sided. I can also include chariots and even more elephants, both big pluses in my book.

I also wish to build up a Pyrrhic force that can be used both against Carthage and Rome, and once that is complete I can just buy a few more figures to get the Diadochi and then… 🙂

Roman Equites, Triarii and Generals

The last week has been quite hectic at work but I managed to paint up two units of Equites, a unit of Triarii and four bases of Generals. I am getting closer to finishing the first three legions and today the missing Hastati and Principes arrived from Baccus. I hope that I can finish the three legions next week.


A Peninsular Black Powder Game

Yesterday I managed to get a small Peninsular Black Powder game in with two friends. We didn’t finish the game but we had a lot of fun :). The opposing forces were taken from Albion Triumphant book 1 and the table was set up somewhat similar to the map in the book.

We have played Black Powder a couple of times before and in the beginning we implemented a rather loose interpretation of the order mechanics. In this game we tried to be a lot more strict and avoided conditional orders, we also tried to split the conditional orders into multiple order rolls.

I felt that this worked a lot better than in our previous games and the Black Powder rules are growing on me. They might not be as detailed as Napoleons Battles, General de Brigade or Age of Eagles, but as a game where the goal is to push lead, roll dice and have fun they work very well.

Baccus / Rapier Comparison pictures

I was asked to post a couple of comparison shots of Baccus and Rapier miniature. After painting both I would probably choose Baccus and only use Rapier to fill in where I cannot get a miniature that fits from Baccus. Another issue with Rapier Miniatures is that when I write this post their ranges aren’t complete, so you would need to get miniatures from another manufacturer in order to build your armies.

However its a matter of personal taste so whats right for me isn’t necessarily right for you 🙂

Blue Legion Triarii

I finished the Triarii for the Blue Legion yesterday, only one unit of one and a half bases of Principes left to complete the Blues :).

The Blue Equites are also done, just need to wait for the base to dry so I can dry brush and put on some static grass and tufts. Not happening until monday since I am going abroad this weekend.

I also completed two units of four bases of Hastati for the White Legion, they still need to be based, again on monday.

I am pretty happy with the speed on this project, the Baccus 6mm miniatures are easy to paint and look good with a minimum of effort.