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Batch painted Zombies

I bought into the Zombicide Season 3 kickstarter after trying Zombicide at a friends place. I found the game enjoyable with all the players cooperating against the game. Its also a race against the clock to accomplish the mission objective since the Zombies spawn endlessly :). While waiting for the kickstarter to arrive, probably in March 2015 (or later…), I bought Season 1, 2 and the Toxic Mall addon.

I speed painted 24 of the zombies yesterday, I tried a “less is more” approach with the blood. I probably spent around 15 minutes per zombie so its nothing fancy.

The Calpe Prussians has arrived

The miniatures I ordered from Calpe Miniatures arrived with DHL today. I expected to get them in mid september so this was a pleasant surprise.

The miniatures quality is very good and the pose variation is astounding for metal miniatures. I will start to paint one of the 40 figure Musketeer Battalions tonight and hopefully the battalion is completed over the weekend. They will be painted as 1. Musketeer Battalion of the West Prussian Infantry Regiment.

I will get some pictures of the completed French Cuirassiers posted later tonight.


Perry Plastic French Heavy Cavalry

The box of Perry Miniatures French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry I ordered from Warlord Games has arrived and the quality is superb. I might have to reconsider my initial decision of going all metal for the French. Once the metal miniatures I ordered arrives it will be a bit easier to make a informed decision.

I am currently assembling the miniatures as cuirassiers and will paint them over the weekend.

28mm Napoleonics

Calpe Miniatures Prussian Uhlans

I have decided to start a personal project, 1:20 ratio 28mm Napoleonics in the Befreiungskriege period (1813- 1815).  The rule set will either be General de Brigade or Shako II.

Initially I will start painting the forces present at Gross Gorschen, a part of the battlefield of Lutzen on the 2nd of May 1813.

So far I have ordered a brigade of Prussians, 2x 40 figure Musketeer Battalions, 1 x 32 figure Fusilier Battalion with 8 extra Fusiliers that will be mounted on skirmish bases. A 24 figure Hussar Regiment, one 6 pounder with 4 crew and one 12 pounder with 4 crew as well as a mounted Colonel. All of these miniatures have been ordered from Calpe Miniatures.

I have also ordered a plastic set from the Perry brothers with 46 French Infantry. I am still undecided whether I want to use the Perry plastics or go for metal miniatures. Either way I will supplement with metal from Victrix, Perry and Front Rank as needed. The Prussians will probably consist solely of Calpe Miniatures, Calpe is expanding into the French so I will probably get a couple of Battalions worth of Calpe French once they are available.

The picture is nicked from Calpe Miniatures until I can paint up something myself.