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A Peninsular Black Powder Game

Yesterday I managed to get a small Peninsular Black Powder game in with two friends. We didn’t finish the game but we had a lot of fun :). The opposing forces were taken from Albion Triumphant book 1 and the table was set up somewhat similar to the map in the book.

We have played Black Powder a couple of times before and in the beginning we implemented a rather loose interpretation of the order mechanics. In this game we tried to be a lot more strict and avoided conditional orders, we also tried to split the conditional orders into multiple order rolls.

I felt that this worked a lot better than in our previous games and the Black Powder rules are growing on me. They might not be as detailed as Napoleons Battles, General de Brigade or Age of Eagles, but as a game where the goal is to push lead, roll dice and have fun they work very well.

1er Bataillon / 21e Ligne

The 1st Battalion of the 21st Line Regiment,

In the Gross Gorschen scenario these are rated as “Line” even though they are “provisional” whatever that is. I have tried to find out but so far no luck. I presume it’s an reserve or amalgamated battalion since the Marie-Louise’s wouldn’t be of Line quality in May 1813.

The miniatures are Perry Miniatures with the exception of the mounted officer who is from Front Rank.

I have some mixed feelings about Perry Miniatures. The miniatures themselves are very good but the casting process leaves a lot to be desired. Mold lines, warping and loss of details, especially on the muskets are big issues. With that said I am still quite pleased with how these came out.

French Line Battalion

In addition to the Calpe Prussians I am working on a Front Rank 36 figure French Line Infantry Battalion. Originally I ordered a 24 figure sampler pack, which I have painted, and I am now awaiting the rest of the battalion. It will be 6 figure companies, 1 grenadier (red), 4 fusilier and 1 voltigeur (yellow).

Its speed painted, which means block in all the colours, detail, brush on army painter strong tone, finished with a highlight and touch up. I feel that this gives a decent table top standard and enables me to paint whole units at a reasonable pace.

Perry Plastic French Heavy Cavalry

The box of Perry Miniatures French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry I ordered from Warlord Games has arrived and the quality is superb. I might have to reconsider my initial decision of going all metal for the French. Once the metal miniatures I ordered arrives it will be a bit easier to make a informed decision.

I am currently assembling the miniatures as cuirassiers and will paint them over the weekend.

It’s metal for the Frenchies

After much deliberation, soul searching and googling on the web I have decided to go for the Perry Miniatures in metal for the French.  Since the owner of Calpe Miniatures is on a one month vacation, and I am guessing I wont get any miniatures until after he is back I ordered a Regiment of Line Infantry from Perry.

The Regiment will be at full strength 3 x 36 figure Infantry Battalions of 1 Grenadier Company, 4 Fusilier Companies and a Voltigeur Company each on their own base of 6 miniatures. I also got enough skirmishers to detach the Voltigeur Company as a skirmish screen. In addition I got 4 6 pounder Foot Artillery and some mounted officers and staff so I can make 3 Brigade HQ’s. I only need one but there are 3 miniatures in each pack; Divisional commanders, Staff Officers and Imperial Orderlies. They are all different so it will be 3 different stands, which is good.

I also have a pack of plastic French Infantry and a pack of plastic French Heavy Cavalry on the way as well as some samples from Front Rank just to see what they look like.